Where to Find Gold In Southern California

There's still lots of gold to be found in Southern California - you just have to know where to look! This book by James Klein, experienced prospector and the author of multiple gold mining books, can help make your search a success. 5.5" x 8.5" paperback, 108 pages.

Where to Find Gold In Southern CaliforniaTable of Contents

Where to Find Gold
1. Newhall - Saugus13
2. Acton - Mill Creek21
3. Frazier Mountain - Piru Creek27
4. San Gabriel Canyon31
5. Lytle Creek37
6. Holcomb Valley41
7. Pinacate - Menifee - Orange County47
8. Julian - Banner55
9. Kern River65
10. Southland Treasure Tales69
11. Known Gold-Bearing Areas75
How to Find Gold
12. Introduction79
13. Equipment91
14. How to Pan99
15. How to Stake, Assay and Refine101
Author's Biography108